25 February, 2011

Cos'e Stato. . .(What has been)


This week was a transfer week, which means it has been even busier than normal! And we are in the process of moving the mission office! There is always so much to do, and lots of commotion and excitement in the air.

We were blessed to welcome 16 new missionaries into the field. We are excited to get to know each of them better and to see each one of them grow in the gospel and as individuals.

Here come our new Italy Milano missionaries fresh out the doors from claiming their baggage!

Benvenuti Tutti!

Anziani Bushman, Cluff, Ellsworth, Jeter, Murray, Parrish, Portellano, Russo, Schuern, Smith, Terry, Warren, Webb, and Wilkey; Sorelle Maciel and Mondelli.


Anzioni Barthel, Bartholomew, Bevan, Brawdy, Casuto, Collins, Coombs, Cozzens, Cressman, Fairbanks, Gallacher, Hunsaker, Merrill, Millar, Motley, Perkes, Pilcher, Turner, Wells, and Wiederholt; Sorelle Jacobson and Yonnet.

But, like every transfer, when you welcome new missionaries, you also have to say goodbye to old missionaries. These missionaries have served incredibly well and we will miss all of them! We are grateful for their service, smiles, and wonderful examples. We know each of them has a bright future ahead of them.

Che Sarรก . . . 
March 2011
Week 1:  Leadership Training;  Verona Stake Conference
Week 2:  Zone Leader Council;  Specialized Training
Week 3:  Specialized Training;  Firenze District Conference
Week 4:  Zone Conference