02 February, 2014

January Departures and Arrivals

Even though it has been a cold and rainy January, the missionary work is heating up. The experienced missionaries have been great examples of teaching and training new missionaries and the newer missionaries are quickly learning the language and working hard to be "on the Lord's errand."

We actually said good-bye to missionaries in two groups.  The first group departed in December and the other group flew out on January 10th.

December Departures

January Departures

We had twelve new missionaries arrive in January.  One came from the Spain MTC, ten came from the Provo MTC and one came from our mission and is waiting for his Visa.

Our Sorella from Madrid 

Our Anziano from Northern Italy with his new companion

And all the rest came from the Provo MTC arriving on the 8th of January.

Out they come!

We needed to capture their pictures quickly!

Still coming out smiling!

More arrivi (notice the sign above the heads)

Last one?

All safely here - always glad to have them "home" 

Coming out of the airport

Pushing and pulling bags

A great line-up
Rolling bags

Excited and ready to go!

Bright-eyed after dinner at the mission home

The trainers awaiting their trainees

In come the trainees

Training from the assistants

Trainees preparing to go

Sister Dibb giving instruction

President Dibb teaching from the scriptures

Waiting for the match-up with trainers

Trainer telling about her area

Hugging her new trainee

Another Sorella telling about her area

And about to hug

 More hugs

An Anziano telling about his area

Quick hug of new companions

Almost to the hug

Last two Sorelle telling about their areas

Waiting for the announcement

And the hugs!

More Anziani telling about their areas

And meeting their trainees

The two great assistants giving final instructions

New missionaries and their trainers

New missionaries with President and Sister Dibb

Sister Harmer giving instruction regarding permessos


Getting to know their companions

More getting to know you

Bright beginnings

More last minute instruction

Baggage waiting to go to the first area

The office Elders who transported the baggage

New missionary training two weeks after arrival

Each new group brings a special light to our mission.  We see the growth they experience until they depart.  We love our missionaries and appreciate their dedication and service to the Lord.  We know that they have the right vision when they see that their mission is not their mission, but His.