04 October, 2011

Who We Are

I recognize that you may be getting tired of hearing the mission hymn.  You have to understand and appreciate the genius, however, of this musical combination inspired by President Wolfgramm and performed by Anziano Jeter.


By R. Gee

We will never tire of serving the Lord.

We will serve him with great faith,

Giving all our heart.

If we are faithful, the prize we will have,

The Gospel restored in Italy will blossom.

On the mountains and in the cities,

From Milano to Torino to Padova,

Our voices we will raise and

All will hear the truth,

All will hear the truth.

Now onward, brothers,

let us go to serve The Lord,

Laboring with great faith!

Let us give him all our heart!

Already the land here is ready and

Zion will rise, will rise, will rise in Italy.