25 January, 2019

Going Home...

Perspective comes from where we are standing.
One day we stand with new missionaries
who have their missions 
yet to unfold...
so much time ahead.

The next day we
are caught up in the chatter of comrades
who have served so faithfully.
Their time has come
and it always catches them off-guard.
It is the energy and smiles and hope
of the new missionaries
that carried us through the loss
of these great "war horses".

It has been such a pleasure to serve with them.

Sorelle - Larsen, Ewing, Mitchell (Slla Allen) Nelson, Pacheco
Anziani - Burkert, Christensen, Van Natta (Pres Allen) Christensen, Castillejos, McCuen

I can whole-heartedly say...
they have "become".

Ci vediamo!