11 August, 2016

Week two of Zone Conferences!

This has been a wonderful opportunity to meet, teach and learn. We
taught them, they taught us. Oh the wonderful and wise words that
come out of their mouths and into our hearts!

Firenze Zone

Firenze Zone

Rimini Zone

Mestre Zone

Verona Zone

Yes.  We again enjoyed "learning by doing". Everyone takes turns leading,
assisting, and doing in the Italy Milan Mission. It doesn't matter what
position we fill. What does matter is accomplishing our mission task -

"Teach repentance and baptize converts"

We enjoy our time with your sons and daughters.
We never forget that they are also God's sons and daughters.
We have been entrusted with them for a time and
that is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.
To quote one of our sweet sorelle,

"We are a mission of faith.  A mission of miracles."

How right she is!