15 September, 2015


Ferragosto is a holiday that has been celebrated in Italy since the time of Caeser Augustus (before the time of Christ).  Most of August every year for many Italians is a holiday of "August Fair".  This year we had an "August Fair" of missionaries coming to the Italy Milan Mission.  It is a joy to see each missionary grow as they serve a mission for Christ.

On August 17th this young missionary arrived from Southern Italy.

At the airport with the new missionary and the Assistants to the President

On August 18th, the Rust Senior Couple arrived and will serve as a Military Relations Couple,

August 19th, eight missionaries arrived from the Provo MTC

Greeting from the Mission President at the arrival

One sister from Argentina arrived with this group

On our way out of the airport

Class of August 2015

Giving a cheer for Italy

Loading the luggage into the van

We are, as this airplane, leaving the "drag" (of the world) behind,

Two Sorella off to do some finding on the first day

President Dibb finding on the mezzi

Our Sorella talking with everyone she can

Anziani coming up out of the subway

The whole group in front of the Milan Duomo - It was a warm and beautiful August day!

More finding in Milan

The arrivals eating dinner at the Mission Home the first evening

The new missionaries and the trainers before they were matched up

New missionaries

with their


removing the cover

over their card

on the Mission President's

transfer board

in the Mission President's 


Then, of course, there was lunch afterward

before they take off for

their first cities of service.

Elder and Sister Olson, the mission office couple, who make it all "happen" arrived on August 1, 2015. (see previous blog)

These four fabulous missionaries are pictured at the Mission Home on August 20, 2015.  They returned to their homes on a flight the next morning.  We wish them all the best!

Then, another Sorella arrived on September 2, 2015.

She met her trainer

and will be Visa waiting

to go to the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission.

We are glad that we will get to know this Sorella from Northern Italy better.

The Italy Milan Mission Class of August 2015 with President and Sister Dibb and their trainers.
Grateful we are for these wonderful young men and women who freely give eighteen months to two years of their lives to share the Doctrine of Christ with the people of Northern Italy.