07 May, 2015

Arriving and Departing in April

The missionaries' first day in Milan is one that is filled with anticipation.  The missionaries arrived in wonderful fashion at the airport and the usual pictures were taken.  However, on the way to get into the cars and load the luggage, Sister Dibb's camera case (with camera inside) came unhooked from her purse strap and fell unnoticed to the ground.  After returning to the office with the missionaries, she looked down and realized that her camera was gone.  The office missionaries returned to airport to look for the camera, but had no luck in finding it.  So, our new missionary picture story starts when they arrived at the office.  

What a great new group of missionaries!  We received two Sorelle and nine Anziani.  They arrived just in time for the mission-wide conference.  They were ready to begin to fulfill their missionary purpose and were eager to learn and grow spiritually.  Their new missionary training three weeks from the time they arrived was a time of personal revelation and sharing.

Five of the "arrivi" awaiting their first teaching experiences in Italy

Instructions from the Assistants to the President

Finding on the subway

And more

And more

These companions are making the most of their time

Coming up out of the subway

The first group posing for a photo at the Duomo in Milan - April 15, 2015

More finding at the Galleria

Still talking

And the Anziani are doing the same

And more finding on the way back to the mission offices

So many people interested in hearing our message . . .

Still finding!

And bearing testimony

and sharing our message of truth restored

The second group of missionaries in the van on the way to the train station

Getting their oppuscoli

and receiving their instructions

What a wonderful force for good!

And soon they find someone to talk with at the station

And on the metro

Meeting the Italian people on their first day

"Forever Finders"

Coming up out of the train station

The second group photo at the Duomo - April 15, 2015

More finding

Dinner the first evening at the mission home with the President and the Assistants to the President

Then after a good night's rest, they receive a bit more training

and then meet their first companion

Because there were only two Sorelle,

they were announced at the same time.

"So happy together"

and already "bonding"

Each trainer tells something about themselves and their area.

 The last two Anziani hugging their first companion

The new missionaries and their first companions in panorama

Receiving permesso instruction from Sorella Rose

When we have a small group in the office

the missionaries

are able 

to see the transfer board

and remove

the cover over their card

from the board.

They are getting a glimpse

of all the missionaries

at once.
So, when the new missionaries come in, that means that others have to say good-bye to Italy for now.  We bid a fond farewell to two Sorelle and ten Anziani.  May their future lives be filled with continued service to the Lord.  

April 16, 2015

Ten terrific Anziani after dinner and testimony sharing at the Mission Home

This dynamic duo of Sorelle will be greatly missed.

New missionary training was held on May 5, 2015.  We realized that we did not have a good picture of the Class of April 15, 2015 (because of the lost camera), so we took a photo.

The entire mission looks forward to serving with these great new missionaries.  We appreciate the support of parents and family, ward and stake priesthood leaders and others who help to prepare these fine young women and men to serve the Lord in this sacred calling of full-time missionary service.