26 February, 2018

Consiglio - MLC - Feb 2018

~Mission Leadership Council~

We enjoyed a wonderful day of training
and discussing ways to improve our missionary work.

Presidente Botta, Counselor to President Allen,
 presented ways we can work with members.
A convert himself, there are many future family members who will 
be blessed through each baptism.

Assistants talked about our missionary purpose from 
Preach My Gospel.

Sorella Allen presented the new mission scripture
D&C 18:44
and discussed ways our hands can become
like the hands of the Savior.

President Allen
talked about the importance of the 
Book of Mormon
(the physical presentation in our teaching)
and challenged the missionaries to use paper scriptures
in all lessons and at church.
We should always have a copy of this book with us.

We are privileged to work with such wonderful missionaries.

Now let's "go and do".

"E per mano vostra io compiro' un opera meravigliosa
tra i figlioli degli uomini"