12 November, 2014

Nuovi per Novembre (New for November)

On October 29th we received sixteen excited new missionaries who launched us into November with enthusiasm and missionary zeal.  We look forward to serving with these new missionaries over the next eighteen months to two years.  This group is memorable because all of them and all of their luggage arrived on time and at the same time!

Saying hello to the happy group

The first Sorelle and Anziani out of the doors

And then there were more

The new missionaries found this sister and one of the AP's is getting her phone number

October 29, 2014 - What a beautiful and cheerful group!  We love them already!

President starting out by explaining the mission vision and expectations of a missionary

We're actually here in Italy?!

Finding on the subway train our first day in Italy

More finding

The language does not seem to be a barrier here

More talking to people

And even more (note the joy of this investigator  -left and missionary -right)!

Coming out of the subway to see downtown Milan

And here are the Sorelle in front of the Duomo

Double finding within sight and sound of each other

Explaining a pamphlet

Again finding on the way back to the Cimiano Chapel for interviews

Now the Anziani are seeing the Duomo for the first time

The Anziani with the Assistants to the President in front of the Duomo

Meeting and talking with people in downtown Miilano

Always finding

Sharing testimony about the Book of Mormon

Dinner on the first evening and still awake and smiling

The same is true for the other side of the table

After a good? night's rest the new missionaries are entering the room to meet their trainers

More on their way!

Trainees and Trainers "looking each other over"

Instruction from President Dibb before the "Match Ups"

The trainers ready to announce their cities and trainees

The trainees checking out the possibilities of who their trainer might be

A missionary telling about her city and a miracle

Pictures with President and Sister Dibb

And again


And picture

And another beautiful companionship

And another handsome companionship

Usually there is a hug

And another

Picture alone with President and Sister Dibb

One more matched up!

And another announcement

The last two Sorelle to announce

And on their way to a hug

The last two Anziani in anticipation

And the last two ready for the announcement

Presidente and Sorella Dibb with the eight new Sorelle and the eight new Anziani

Class of October 2014 with their trainers - we begin and continue an amazing journey of missionary work in Italy

Immediately following the departure of the new missionaries to their cities, the departing missionaries arrive at the mission offices.  Twenty-five missionaries ended their service in Italy, but, we know, will continue their missionary service throughout the world when they arrive "home".  Because there was such a large group of missionaries departing, we spent some time at the mission home but had departing testimonies and ate at a restaurant.

Those departing, including a senior couple, in front of the mission home - October 30, 2014

The departing Sorelle with Sorella Dibb inside the mission home

A couple of departing Sorelle

Dinner with the departing missionaries

Sorella and Anziano Molinari finished their service at the same time as the departing group of young missionaries.  They served in many capacities in the mission, including Sorella Molinari as a mission health specialist.  They both did apartment work and served with Young Single Adults (GANS),  We appreciate their cheerful attitude and supportive nature to the missionaries of the Italy Milan Mission.

Anziano and Sorella Molinari 

One Sorella departed ten days early for "wonderful" family reasons.

Mission Leadership Council (Consiglio) - November 3, 2014 

Sister Training Leaders with Sorella Dibb

A couple of the Sorelle wanted this "candid photo" of themselves and President and Sister Dibb, reprising their picture in the MTC
Back to the new missionaries - After they have arrived and settled in a bit in their areas, the new missionaries and their trainers were invited back to Milan for a "more in-depth and without jet lag training".  We had a great time hearing how it was going, missionary expectations and some encouragement to make their mission one which is the Lord's mission, starting out great and finishing even stronger.  
New Missionary Training - November 2014