03 October, 2014

Venti Nuovi Missionari

September brought twenty new missionaries to the Italy Milan Mission.  One came from the Spain MTC on September 16th and the other nineteen came in on the 17th of September.  These missionaries are enthusiastic about missionary work and are already doing a great service in bringing people unto Christ through faith, repentance,  baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end in His restored gospel.  We thank these missionaries for their sacrifice and plan to help them become the best missionaries they can be!

Our new Anziano from France with President Dibb

and with the Assistants

Some Anziani arriving from the Provo MTC

A handshake with the President

A happy Sorella

A happy Anziano

More are coming from the gate

A cheerful coppia

Another "glad to be here" Anziano

A hug from President

We are all almost here

Instructions for going to get on the bus

A new arrival ready to go!

A tiny new sorella with the President

Exiting the airport to get on the bus

More arrivi after reporting lost luggage

We are finally here!

Filling out paper work for lost luggage

The Italy Milan Mission Class of September 2014

Hurrah  for Italy (and Israel)!

Preparing to get on the bus to go to Cimiano Chapel for interviews, orientation and travel to Milano Centro

Entering the train platform at Cimiano

Talking to people at the platform

Talking to people on the train

This Sorella moved across the train car (see other image above)

More first day finding

Writing his information for the missionaries

We talk to everyone we possibly can

This man said he was getting off at the same stop

Out of the train staion

Seven of our nine arriving Sorelle

Continuing to talk to people

The nine Sorelle at the Duomo with Sorella Dibb

Some of the Sorelle at the subway station to return to Cimiano

More finding

Now the Anziani arrive and see the Duomo for the first time

More Sorelle waiting for the subway train

The Anziani talking to everyone they can

More finding

More finding

The new Anziani at the Duomo

Another nice image with the flying pigeon in the foreground

And more finding on the way back to Cimiano

September 17, 2014 - What a great looking group - we love them already!

Dinner at last

Hungry, but also very tired
After a night's rest, the group of twenty returned to Cimiano to receive more training, meet their trainers and depart for their cities of service.  
The trainers waiting at the Cimiano Chapel

The trainers and trainees in anticipation

A trainer about to announce his trainee

A trainer and trainee with President and Sister Dibb

The final two Anziani being announced

The final two Sorelle being announced and hugged

Permesso instruction with trainers and trainees now together

So, after the new missionaries go off to their beginning places of service, the departing missionaries come to the mission home and offices for a last precious evening on the mission.  The twenty-three departing missionaries left in two groups.  The first group flew out on August 22nd and the second group on September 19th. We certainly feel a void in our mission without them.

The August group of departers at the mission home - August 21, 2014

Same group inside the mission home

The two assistants who aid with the dinner 

The second group outside the mission home - September 18, 2014

Departing Anziani inside the mission home

Departing Sorelle inside the mission home
Along with our young missionaries, we had a senior couple depart on September 25th.  Elder and Sister Savoldi served 18 months in Verona with the Verona Records Preservation Project.  They are dearly loved by workers at the records center of Verona, the missionaries of the Italy Milan Mission and the members of both Verona wards.  
They were also involved in a renewal of a play in the Verona Stake written many years ago about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. Elder Savoldi was a singer and actor and Sister Savoldi was the pianist.  It was a delight to view this marvelous production.

The Savoldis with President Dibb
A couple of weeks after the new missionaries arrive, they are brought back together (actually two groups) for another day of training.  

New Sorelle telling about her companion

New Anziano telling about his companion

Eleven of the new missionaries and their trainers on September 29, 2014 at the Lampugnano Chapel

New Sorella telling about her companion

New Anziano telling about his companion

New Anziano telling about his companion

Nine of the new missionaries and their trainers at the Bologna Chapel on September 30, 2014