31 March, 2019

Welcome to a New Assistant

We give our appreciation to 
Anziano Kjar
for serving so well in the assignment of assistant.
Now taking his place is Anziano Russbeult
who will serve with Anziano Halterman.

We are ever grateful their able assistance 
to President as well as the missionaries
in the Italy Milan Mission.

Thank you!

Anziano Russbeult - Anziano Halterman

Along with their many responsibilities...
bringing a smile to the faces of all!

Elder & Sister Uchtdorf, Sabin

There are rare circumstances
that allow the whole mission to gather
in one spot... all together.
A special visit by apostle
Deiter F. Uchtdorf,
his wife
1st Quorum of the Seventy 
Gary E. Sabin and wife
IS one.

It was wonderful!
First - to have such special guests
Second - to be together
"All are Safely Gathered In"
is a phrase dear to any parents heart.
This was a day full of many happy hearts.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.
It was a busy time and I wish I could do them over again
but I did what I thought best at the time
..... and I still can't find that "re-wind button".....

 Here we are.... all 159 of us

It was a meeting full of inspiration.
We left feeling energized and blessed.

Many said during interviews the next week
that he had answered their questions as well as
the questions they didn't even know they had.

Special musical number
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
Sorelle Bodily and  Dean, Anziani Mosteller, Brase
Acc, Sorella Devonas

Meet and greet...

All were safely gathered in
and inspired.
Blessings indeed!

Elder and Sister Sabin
attended church in the Navigli Ward on Sunday.

And just for fun...
Our shortest missionary ever with our tallest missionary ever.
Sorella Flores (4'8")and Anziano Wickizer (6'8")