19 February, 2019

Zone Conferences! February 2019

Here we are!
Zone Conferences are always wonderful
and these have been especially so.

Theme - Begin With the End in Mind

In President Allen's Welcome he offered the 
traditional 3 new missionary-building ideas to incorporate 
for this transfer.
1- Every day write down one to two talents or 
virtues you are grateful for.
2- As you put on your missionary tag
read it and remember why you are here
and who you are serving.
3- Eliminate the "I" from a companionship
and be aware of using "We" to build
greater comp unity.

He also spoke on faith.
Faith is the intelligent power by which all things are done.
Hebrews 11:1

The Zone leadership has taken extra care to teach 
and offer experience through role plays.
We practiced asking people we meet for the opportunity to teach.

Assistants trained on the importance of keep a functional
and clean area book to keep our efforts effective.

Sorella Allen taught the importance of making a plan.
Using an activity, and then the mural from the 
Rome Visitors Center,
we learn that great missionary work doesn't just happen.
A plan is necessary.

Closing remarks by President encourages all to
take something away from the meeting and make
proper changes to advance the work.
We exercise faith.
Settings goals is exercising that faith
which is manifested by our making plans
to accomplish our goals in our day.

Here is a sample agenda from the Firenze Zone:

Bologna Zone
 Sorelle - Trevor, Newman, Stepherson, Morris, Roderer, Slla Allen, Sharp, Walker, 
Henderson (STL) Simpson (STL) Auger, 
Anziani - Thomas, Rossi, Fry, Hibbard, Hulbert, Abplanalp (ZL) Dalton, Quasi, President Allen, Humble, Escalante, Davey, Brown, Wilks (ZL) Hagen, Paskett, Hepner

Florence Zone
 Sorelle - Henderson (STL) Simpson (STL) Hollander, Slla Allen, Southard, Person, Drent
Anziani - Moss (ZL) Mosteller, Matt, Hakanson, Cako (ZL) Pres. Allen, Parke, Heidemann, 
Brady, Brase, Eden

 Venezia Zone
President Allen
 Sorelle - Ringo, Parker (STL) Merl (STL) Boome, Slla Allen, Ala-Jaaski, Spencer, Anderson, Stanton, Thorstrom
Anziani - Buckner, Darrington, Thorstrom, Tagg, Harris, Landon, Melchin, Wright (ZL) Gomez, Harris, Russbuelt (ZL) Ariante, Larsen

Verona Zone
Sorelle - Nelson. Dent, Williams (STL) Button (STL) Slla Allen, Flores, Santoro, Wengert, Neilson
Anziani - Halterman, Taylor, Downs, Shill, van der Put, Pres. Allen, Rios (ZL) Favro (ZL) 
Haws, Bass, Neilson

Milano Est Zone
Sorelle - Graver (STL)  Frandsen (STL) Carlson, Anderson, DeAngelis, Bodily, Fish, Slla Allen, Dominguez, Peterson, Maddison, Panah, Ashcraft, Torgeson, Mason
Anziani - Lombardi, Judkins, Gillett, Ross, Higham, Ochs, Pres. Allen, Bona (ZL) Ruger (ZL) Casper, Rios, Reynolds, Bawden, Elwood

Milano Ovest Zone

Sorelle- Roper, Messina, Dean, Delle Foglie, Cheney, Slla. Allen, Tafur, Devonas, Frandsen,
Graver, Russo
Anziani- Roper, Halterman, Albright, Robison, Scow, Tenney, Pres. Allen, Llerena, Ewell, O'Riordan, Nordgran, Kjar, Russo

Genova Zone
 Sorelle - Miller, Wright, Reeder (STL) Snow (STL) Slla. Allen, Haisman, Grey, Norton,
Smith, Michelini
Anziani - Eusebi, Cahoon, Ruiz, Work, Cole, Harrison, Bailey, Cedeno, Pres. Allen, Conrad, Eliott, Davidson, Guglielmo, Argon, Michelini, Welch (ZL) Wickizer, McInstry (ZL)

The following are some of the visuals from this Zone Conference.
We are grateful the long-awaited Rome temple will soon be dedicated.
This means a great deal to the people here...
but also to the world at large.
Temples are indeed dotting the land.

Symbolisms in the Rome Visitor's Center mural
by Joseph Brickey

Thank you to Natalie Hurst, 
a former Milano Missionary,
 for posting her insightful thoughts in Facebook

We are missionaries for
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
~ Chiesa di Gesù Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni~