22 November, 2011

Ready or Not!

Can you believe that it’s been six weeks already?  We sure can’t!  Ready or not, we picked up three marvelous missionaries three weeks ago.  We had a wonderful time with Anziano Moh, Anziano Hatch, and Sorella Soh!  We went to the Duomo, the Bone Church, got some scalp massages, ate delicious panzerotti and delectable gelato, talked to a great variety of people, and placed copies of the Book of Mormon!


What a great day!


Anziano Moh, Sorella Soh, and Anziano Hatch

And then we were forced to give up three missionaries the next day.  Talk about heartbreaking!  We are so grateful for the examples and service that these three GEMs have rendered in the time they have spent devoted to the Lord.


Anziano Patullo, Sorella Baranova, and Sorella Alexander