07 July, 2019

Saturday July 6, 2019

Preparation-day - getting ready for our new missionaries. Our first trip to the Duomo.
Presidente e Sorella Browning

These 2 wonderful Assistants showed us the way- Where to park, where to buy metro tickets, and which route to take. Milano is a big city!
Anz Haws and Nordgran

We will sure miss Anz. Haws when he goes home this Tuesday

We took this picture from the table next to us! 
We will go back and order it someday!
Throughout the mission tour the missionaries were so thoughtful with their gifts and notes. The musical numbers were sweet and set the tone for each zone meeting. We felt very welcomed and blessed to have this opportunity to serve with such fine missionaries. It was a great beginning! Primo giorno!
Firenze Zone - Thursday Afternoon July 4, 2019

Front: Sor Maddison, Carlson, Winger, Sor Browning, Southard, Haisman, Stanton
Back: Anz DeBeikes, O'Riordan, Sheets, Mosteller, Nelson, Pres Browning, Humble, Van der Put, Kwasi, Rossi, Judkins, Parke

Special Musical Number
Anz Mosteller and Sor Southard, 
accompanied by Anz Humble at the piano
 Bologna Zone - Thursday Morning July 4, 2019
Special musical number was by Anz Hepner, Sor Smith, Sor Cheney, and Sor Mason 
"I Need Thee Every Hour"

Front: Sorella Paniagua, Wright, Zhonga, Auger, Browning, Smith, Mason, Jensen, Cheney
Back: Anz Harris, Moss, Reynolds, Casper, Darrington, Hepner, Eusebi, Hibbard, Pres Browning, Abplanalp, Bawden, Downs, Prince, T. Brady, Robertson

Gift from the Bologna Zone to the Brownings