24 June, 2014


The month of May was an exciting one for missionaries coming to and returning from the Italy Milan Mission.  Because of a fire in the Chicago airport control tower, the missionaries from the MTC in Provo were delayed from a Wednesday arrival until a Saturday arrival time.  We had a very abbreviated training, dinner and departure to the first city of service for the new missionaries.  We love our new missionaries and their fine trainers and know that they are prepared and not delaying in preaching the doctrine of Christ to the people of Italy.  

Receiving our first Sorella from the Madrid MTC

Then, on Saturday, the other missionaries arrived in two groups

Say "hello" to President Dibb

The first group of arrivals from the Provo MTC together 

Friends for life

Lots of luggage

Meeting Sister Harmer at the mission office

Sister Harmer training the first group

Arrival of the second group at the airport

Meeting President Dibb for the first time

Sister Dibb with the Sorella from the second group

Missionari arrivi

Glad to finally be in Italy

Second group awaiting last two missionaries

Last two without some luggage

Shaking hands with the President

President meeting the final Anziano to come

President and Sister Dibb with the second group from Provo

Awaiting dinner outside the restaurant

More trainers and trainees awaiting the match up at dinner

Sorelle "bonding"

Match ups beginning

Salve to your new companion

Trainer welcoming their new companion

The "hug" at match ups

The Anziani awaiting the announcement of their trainees

Smiles all around for the announcements

More anticipation

More hugs

And again

The final match up

Missionaries talking with their new companions

The other table all smiles

And back again for more smiles

What a fine looking group of missionaries makes up the "Class of  May  - 2014"

And here they are with their trainers - tired but ready to go!

New Missionary Training ten days later

Sister Harmer explaining the practicalities of mission life

Elder Lee giving timely instruction

Hard at work at New Missionary Training

New missionaries and their trainers prepared to return to their cities

Great companions
Again, it was hard to say goodbye to departing missionaries.  This time we bid farewell at the mission home to nine amazing Anziani.  

Returning after much learning

Last photo at the mission home

Dinner at the mission home with the departing missionaries and office Anziani 
We also received two new couples and said sadly said goodbye to another.
The Pedersons
The Frys

at dinner with the Lees and the Harmers

The Burgers ready to go

The Burgers with the Lees 
and with President Dibb
We truly appreciate the service of our couple missionaries.  Anziano and Sorella Burger worked long hours diligently acquiring, preparing and upkeeping apartments for missionaries of the Italy Milan Mission.  We love them and will miss them greatly; not only for their missionary service, but also for their wonderful attitude in working with people from many different walks of life in northern Italy.  They will long be remembered by people of all faiths here in our mission.