26 April, 2014

Anziani in Arrivo di Aprile

During April we received seven new Anziani from the Missionary Training Centers in Madrid and Provo.  These Anziani were full of excitement for the work and are well on their way to becoming great missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and super servants of their Heavenly Father.  We thank the Missionary Training Centers all over the world for the care and training of the missionaries who come to our mission.  We look forward to serving with these young Anziani for the next two years.

Our Anziano who arrived from Madrid on April 1st 

Checking out the new missionary nametag
From Sarssari to Milano

Then came the April 2nd arrivi from the Provo MTC

Arrival with a big "thumbs up"

The perfect "arrivi" picture

A couple of new Anziani with President Dibb

Getting to know one of the office Anziani

Still smiling!

The Assistants (one new and one departing shortly)

Spain and Provo arrivals getting to know one another

Starting to load the luggage

We are in Italy!

More arrivi after filing lost luggage claim

Loaded with luggage

Bonding with the President

More bonding with the President

Smiles with the Assistant

We are all together now -  the APRILE ANZIANI ARRIVI

and we are mostly cheering about it

We then went straight to the subway to Milan.

We had some great finding experiences.

We ate lunch.

We saw the Duomo.

We also find in the subway station.

We continue finding on the subway train.

That evening was dinner at the Mission Home with the Assistants and the President

Because this was the first time since President and Sister Dibb arrived that we had a group of missionaries under ten in number, we could have the trainers and trainees come to the mission office and depart from there.  We found that we had enough room and could get the missionaries to the field more quickly and easily and not spend so much time traveling (the office people and the missionaries).  It was also a good preparation for when we might have fewer missionaries arriving another time.  

Role playing at next morning training

Waiting for the trainers to come in

Watching the trainers come in

Trainees and Trainers  together for some training 

President Dibb teaching before matching up 

The match-ups begin

Telling about area and announcing companion

The hug

The last two at one time

Announcing the last two

Then we went into the President's office and companions could show on the map where the missionaries first area would be.  The new missionaries could also pick out themselves and their companion on the transfer board.    They all then sang the mission hymn together in the President's office and were off to teach the doctrine of Christ.  

On April 15th, the new missionary training was held at the Lampugnano Chapel building.  This is where the missionaries can ask questions and learn new things after having been in the field for a little while.  We ended with a picture of the new missionaries and their companions all together.  

April 15th - New Anziani and Companions with Presidente and Sorelle Dibb

April 3rd through 5th Departing Missionarie
As soon as the arriving missionaries left the mission offices, the departing missionaries came in.  After interviews with the President, the departing missionaries came to the mission home for dinner and a testimony meeting.  We will greatly miss these missionaries and they will always hold a special place in the hearts of President and Sister Dibb, the other missionaries in our mission, and most especially the members and people located within the boundaries of the Italy Milan Mission.  

Thank you all (previous, current and future missionaries) for your dedicated service.  
We love you!