20 April, 2011

The Newest, the Brightest, and the Most Jet-Lagged

On Wednesday April 6, 2011, we had the privilege of obtaining a new and diverse set of missionaries.  After much excitement, many trips to the airport, and a few gray hairs, we successfully retrieved all 21 of your dear little ones!  We have been so impressed by all of them and know that they will be a wonderful benefit to the people here and great instruments in the hands of the Lord.  But what am I saying?  You already know that! 
On to the pictures!

     1794   1795       1796

And here they come!

1797     1798


Before they can get their bearings, they see the beautiful Duomo, eat some delicious Italian food, and
tasty gelato!  And, they proselyte! 


These magnificent missionaries
were not even fazed…


...and found success next to whatever strange concoction they found themselves.


Welcome to Italy!  Have a trainer!  Take a picture!  Be excited!
We love our new missionaries!

Anziani Mendel, Ramjoue, Reynoso, Rodrigues, Free, Wilkins, Winegar, Romeo, Squarcia, Taggart, Guest, Hardy, Sorelle Cazier, Bishop, Arume, Simkins, Smith, Walton, Modugno, Silva-Ramirez, and Laratro.

Goodbye, wonderful missionaries!

Anziani Bos, Zippro, Hirsh, Condie, Bolnick, Poulson, Koponen, Hill, Sorelle Elliott, Ranieri, and Harper.