02 May, 2011

You're Such a GEM!

A great opportunity
This week, my companion helped me as we discussed what a true vision is.  We worked together, prayed a lot, and set some personal visions. We realized that the mission is an amazing opportunity for young men and women around 19 to 20 years old.  We each have a companion who has accepted the same call to serve, and who can help us to personally become what we envision ourselves becoming. 

The best GEM in the mission
I honestly cannot think of one thing that my companion does for me—HE DOES SO MUCH FOR ME that I can’t even count the ways. But I can say one thing: he truly is the most loving, charitable missionary companion I have ever had. He just loves me. He is the best GEM in the mission and I am willing to put him up against any other missionary in that category. He makes me want to be the best missionary I can be and a better GEM every single day.

The power of silence
My companion is great.  This week during a lesson, he did something that really brought a powerful spirit.  After the investigator was done speaking, he paused for a moment and allowed what was said to sink in.  This pause really added to his power in responding with a testimony.  The investigator really felt the spirit and it really brought a new level of power to our teaching.  He is so great at using the power of silence.  I am learning so much from him.  I love my companion.

Employ your faith
My companion is so faithful and has so much energy. She has such a solid, awesome understanding of the gospel, and it is honestly a delight to teach with her. Honestly, I attribute most of the miracles we are seeing here straight to her incredible faith. She knows we will baptize, and it is awesome!

Faith is everything
I am so happy that I am in this city, and that I can feel the Lord’s guidance. I know that I am loved and that I can do everything the Lord asks me to do, because I am here. When I was preparing for the mission, I was told that I could not go. However, when I prayed, the Lord told me to keep trying.  And look! I AM HERE! I am here and they told me that I couldn’t, but God said that I could. Faith is a strong word, and sometimes we just say it. But I know that if we have faith, we can do anything the Lord wants us to do.  It’s a miracle!

Diligenza con Start Chart
Mio collega è un missionario molto diligente. Si sforza di dare il massimo ma soprattutto di essere obbediente. In particolare mi colpisce la sua diligenza nel memorizzare le scritture delle Start Chart, anche ieri ad esempio voleva ripassarle e mentre stavamo andando da un punto ad un altro della città mi ha recitato tutte le 13 o 14 scritture che fino ad adesso ha memorizzato.

The right attitude
My companion is awesome! He is just so funny and positive all the time, and helps me so much in every aspect of missionary work! He is a great example of a missionary who loves the Lord.

New missionaries are amazing
He teaches me so much about how to have that new missionary fire, which I have re-kindled since being with him. It is amazing. I love him.

Amazing questions
This last week my companion really showed me how to ask better questions. He just spent this last week exploding people's minds with questions. I don't know how many people said.."Hm... buona domanda" I really appreciate his willingness to let the person teach himself rather than him feeling like he has to explain everything. His questions are direct and powerful and have a huge impact on people. 

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