24 June, 2011

The New Kids on the Block

I realize that it is almost time for the new missionaries to come in, but I thought you would all still appreciate the pictures from the time before.  Sorry it’s so late!

IMG_1038 - CopyIMG_1034 - Copy

First step: break through the gates!

IMG_1039 - Copy

Second step: load ‘em up!

IMG_1061 - Copyclip_image002

Third step: Smile!

Anziani Herrington, Madsen, Anderson, Stromsdorfer, Stanlet, Owens, Lehnardt, Rockwood, D’Addabbo, Proctor, Anderson, Pectol, and Sciaretta; Sorelle Baker, Jones, Jacobson, and Bowman.

Anziano and Sorella Maughan.

IMG_1078 - Copy

In bocca al lupo con la vita!

Anziani Bullock, Kober, Petersen, Wright, Craig, Pastillo, Schultz, and Brown;

Sorelle Noteware and Thurston.

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