31 January, 2012

The new batch

I hope you never get tired of this picture:


But I hope you realize that it’s even better with 10 brand new missionaries!


What a good lookin’ bunch they are!


Anziano Eveson, Anziano Walsh, Anziano Iacovelli, Anziano Hess, Anziano Thomas, Anziano Misrahi, Sorella Forbes, Sorella Bush, Sorella Bunker, & Anziano Briscoe




Anziano Healey has returned to us after his medical leave! 

We are so excited to have him back in the field! 




Here is a rather…interesting bunch of missionaries!  We’ve gotten to know this crew well as they have served as Trainers, District Leaders, Branch President, Zone Leaders, Assistants to the President, but most importantly, MISSIONARIES and servants of their Heavenly Father.  Aren’t you glad when they don’t come back the same as when you sent them off?  These missionaries have grown so much and we have been so privileged to learn from them and see many miracles together.  They are going to do great things with their lives—as long as they learn from and apply their mission to their life.  The gospel is great, isn’t it? 

It just…makes sense. 

DSCN9259   DSCN9246 


Anziano Stoker, Anziano Duque, Anziano Anderson, Anziano Duersch, Sorella Pastano, & Sorella Mullen

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