12 March, 2012

Comings and goings



This last week we said goodbye to 16 great missionaries

We will miss their faces and all that they brought to the mission. They have left a strong legacy of love, diligence, leadership and above all dedication to the Lord. We wish them the very best as they move on to whatever they may do in life.


Fortunately life goes on in the Italy Milan mission and this week we welcomed 11 new missionaries.

First the Americans…



and then two great Anziani from Italy and a wonderful Sorella from Argentina.



Welcome to Italy!


It’s always so exciting to see new faces and wonder what they will make of the next two years. Their futures are bright, so full of opportunity, growth and learning. They face the unknown future with faith and courage, still unsure of what is really coming.  Surely each of them will see good and bad moments as they take on this adventure. We hope and pray that they will overcome weakness and hardship, achieve great goals, witness miracles and discover the thrill and beauty of serving the Lord in Northern Italy.


  1. Wow, the new group looks incredibly bright and happy, especially considering they'd been traveling for sixteen hours.

    I went to a welcome home party for Elder Bona and saw many of the missionaries in the first photo-- they were still pretty nervous about hugging all the girls eager to welcome them home.

  2. What a great group of missionaries! I had the chance to finally meet some of the wonderful elders and sisters whom I have only read about for the past two years. They are an incredible group. As a family we are so thankful that Anz Bona had the opportunity to serve in Milan. We look forward to reading about the experiences and conituned success of all the missionaries that are still serving.
    The new group looks great. I am sure they will do great work!