24 May, 2012

Two by two


There could hardly be a better way to finish 18 months of faithful service than with a baptism.

The Ritchies served the majority of their 18 months in the mission office and left a lasting impression. While serving as the financial secretary, Anziano Ritchie was able to do more than ever because he spoke Italian. He was known for order and discipline and taught many a missionary the importance of budgeting and planning. He also made great strides in improving the quality of apartments throughout the mission. Many old apartments were closed, many new ones opened and countless others were refurbished.

Sorella Ritchie was known for her unmatched kindness. She faithfully guarded to make sure that missionaries did all that was required to legally stay in Italy. This is no easy task. Her kindness and patience was much appreciated by every missionary who went through the sometimes maddening process of legal documentation.

We will be forever grateful for the service the Ritchies offered.


After 10 months the Ramptons have also left us. They served in the Young Adult Center in Milan where they will be dearly missed by many of the youth of the Milan Stake. They are now serving in the England London South Mission. We wish them the very best for the duration of their mission.



We are excited to welcome the Capece couple from Sandy Utah. Anziano Capece served in Italy as a young man and he and his wife have returned to serve a mission together. They will take the Rampton’s spot serving in the Young Adult Center in Milan. We welcome them and are very excited for the adventures that await them in the coming months.

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