07 November, 2012

Thanks for your service!


We’re so grateful to have the Jefferies here with us! They have been assigned to a city called Forlì where Anziano Jefferies is currently serving as Branch President. We are sure that he and his sweet wife will be a great addition to the best mission in the world!


The Robinsons have finished their mission and headed home! They have been an enormous blessing in these past 18 months as they have been serving the Lord in Savona. They will be missed but we wish them the best of luck and we thank them for their selfless service.


Every one of our missionaries brings something different to the table and we are so grateful for the sacrifices that they and their families have made in order to come and give so much to the Lord and to His children in north Italy. Age, nationality, and background don’t matter, each missionary is needed and appreciated.

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