31 December, 2012

In With the New, Out with the Old

A great new bunch of missionaries came in this transfer!
From left to right they are: Anziano Garner, Anziano Bartholio, Anziano Cook, Anziano Murphy, Anziano Reeve, Anziano Miller, Anziano Walden, Anziano Allen.

But we had to say goodbye to a big group of our favorite missionaries...

In the back from left to right: Anziano MinĂ , Anziano Portellano, Anziano Webb, Anziano Smith, Anziano Wilkey
In the Middle: Anziano Scheurn, Anziano Bushman, Anziano Warren, Anziano Ellsworth, Anziano Russo, Anziano Boscia.
And our Sisters: Sorella Sloan, Sorella Lloyd.

They will be missed... But we wish them the best of luck in the next phase of their lives!


  1. Can't wait to be numbered among the Italy Milan missionaries, I leave for the MTC May 01. I can't wait to meet these amazing Elders and Sisters.

  2. Just got my call! I leave June 21st for the Provo MTC. I am so excited and can't wait to share the culture and the gospel with so many amazing people! My email adress is Keet.12ka@gmail.com. If you guys have any hints or advice for me I would love to hear all about it! counting downt the days!