22 March, 2013

Arriving and departing missionaries.

We just had another group of missionaries arrive and one leave us.
Eleven new Sorelle just came in this week and sixteen new Anziani. We're very excited to get to know this fantastic group of new missionaries and we're sure that they'll do great work as they begin teaching many people about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

New missionaries meeting their trainers. It's a very exciting moment!
The whole group of new missionaries and their trainers.

As always happens when one group comes into the mission, we have to say goodbye to a different group, this time it was a group of seventeen great missionaries. We wish these missionaries the very best as they return home.


  1. One of those sweet Missionaries that just arrived is my Daughter Kassandra Gillette! In 2 of the pictures she is the one wearing the dark blue sweater on the right, in the one on the top she is in the middle...

    We love & miss her so very much!!!!

    God Bless all missionaries! And Good Luck to them all!

    Thank you for the pictures!

    1. I met Sorella Gillette! I even got a picture with her and Slla Bunker (and others). I'm Sorella Soh - I'm in the last picture of all the missionaries that went home, the sister on the left with the blue shirt.

    2. Hi Sorella Soh!
      I hope you had a great time on your mission! Sorella Gillette is loving it!
      Where are you from?
      I wish she was one that was coming home, I miss her so much and it feels like it has been forever already.


    3. Hi again Katie,
      I got an email today from Whitney Bunker and I noticed she sent it to you also! What a small world! ha-ha.. I just had to let you know that. :)

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