15 August, 2013

"Benvenuti" to Thirty-four New Missionaries

During the last two weeks of July, the Missione Italiana di Milano received quite an influx of new missionaries.  Thirty new young Anziani and Sorelle arrived, twenty-seven from the Provo MTC and three from the Madrid MTC. Two couples also also began their service, one in the mission office and the other in the Pordenone Military Base Ward. 

Anziano and Sorella Harmer, the new Coppia dell'Ufficio

The group from the Spain MTC came into two different airports - two at Malpensa and one at Linate. 

Linate Airport
Malpensa Airport

The group from Provo arrived a few hours late and missing some luggage, but were in excellent spirits.  The logistics of getting this large number of people around Milano and into the field was amazingly orchestrated by gli Assistenti alle Presidente (the assistants to the president), gli Anziani dell’ufficio (the office elders) and the coppie dell’ufficio (the office couples).

The entire July 24th group of pioneering missionaries in front of the bus at the Milan Linate Airport

Tired and Happy

What would we do without buses?
Picture taken through the back/side door of the bus

Group picture following dinner on the evening of July 24, 2013

The day of and the day after their arrival, the new missionaries were interviewed by President Dibb, met their trainers, received some basic training and then were sent off to their areas of service. 

One to two weeks later the new missionaries and their trainers again received training divided into three smaller groups in separate cities.

Three couples and five young missionaries returned home after faithful service to the Lord for eighteen months to two years.  Pictured below is one of the couples and the younger missionaries with Presidente and Sorella Dibb.

Departing Missionaries at the Mission Home on July 25, 2013
Singing the mission hymn followed by a kneeling prayer together is always a great conclusion to each mission meeting.  “Salve” and “Arrivederci” to the precious missionaries of the Missione Italiana di Milano. 

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