12 November, 2013

Missionari di Ottobre

What a wonderful time of year in Italy!  The days are getting shorter and cooler, but the enthusiasm for missionary work is going strong!  We were excited to receive sixteen new missionaries including two couples.  We are grateful for them and the dedication of their time to the Lord's work.
The first Anziano came in at Malpensa on Tuesday  morning

The second Anziano came in at Malpensa Airport in the afternoon on Tuesday

President Dibb and his assistants waiting at the Malpensa Airport

The third Anziano came by early Wednesday morning by train

The first three Sorelle came into the Linate Airport early Wednesday afternoon

Reunion at the airport

The fourth Sorella came in early evening at Linate Airport

And the fifth Sorella at Linate in the evening

One of the late arrival group

The final group of Anziani and Sorelle at the Linate Airport

Straight to the dinner table after the last group finally arrived

A better view of the Anziani

The day after arrival, the Trainers are being trained before their Trainees enter the room at Cimiano Chapel
Trainer telling about his assigned area and waiting for his Trainee to be announced

Trainee is announced and is quite a bit taller than Trainer
Sorelle on their way to a hug

After all the Trainees have been announced
Two companionships at a time

Trainers and Trainees singing together anticipating who will leave with whom

Three companionships being announced at a time

The missionaries who arrived in October at the new missionary training pictured with President and Sister Dibb

All of the young new missionaries and their trainers

The new missionaries being trained by the Assistants

The new missionaries being trained by President Dibb

President Dibb making a point

Discussion at the new missionary training
The new couple, arriving from France, heading to Savone
We welcome this new couple who are serving now in Siena
We were sad to say "Arrivederci" to one of our wonderful couples

Four fabulous Anziani and three super Sorelle returned to their homes in October.

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