12 March, 2014

We Love our February Arrivals and Departures

On the 19th of February, 2014, nineteen new missionaries arrived from the Provo MTC.  Eleven of the missionaries were Sorelle and eight of them were Anziani.  Although it was a very rainy and cold day, all arrived safely and on time and with all of their luggage.  We had some time to get to know these missionaries by going to downtown Milano to do some finding work, President's interviews and first-day training.  The Milan Italy Mission and the Italian people will certainly be blessed by their excitement and willingness to serve here the next eighteen to twenty-four months.

Bright-eyed and cheery even after a long voyage

"Arriva" with  her luggage
Looking forward to a great mission

Grateful to be on Italian soil to begin service
A big "Thumbs Up"
More are coming

So much potential for good here in the land of Italy
Inside shot of the whole group of "arrivi"

Outside shot of the whole group of "arrivi" with President and Sister Dibb

Half of the group at the train station going to the Duomo
Getting through the turnstile to the subway

Ready to board the subway with the Book of Mormon in hand

A rainy day at the Duomo
But these new missionaries' spirits were not dampened

On their way back to the mission office after some successful "finding"
The new Sorelle at dinner (notice the Italian flag on the far wall)  We truly are in Italy!

The Anziani table at dinner. 
The "Trainers" are watching as the "Trainees" enter the room

The Anziani entering the room

All together for training before the match-ups

The "announcement"

The "hug"

The "thumbs up"

And again


And again

And then there was lunch
Ready to sing and then off they go to their areas of service
The arrival of the new missionaries also means that we have to say good-bye to those who have completed their missionary service.  

A former Assistant to the President completed his mission and returned to Coolum Beach (Australia) weather

Later, others returned to Germany, Southern Italy and the United States

We rejoice in Christ and His Atonement and in being able to serve our Heavenly Father, who directs His work upon the Earth through His living Prophet.  We thank Him for our opportunities to teach and testify of the Doctrine of Christ, of the restoration of His Church to the Earth, of His great "Plan of Happiness" and of the Book of Mormon.  

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