20 August, 2014

August Activities

During the first half of August there was a myriad of activities in the Italy Milan Mission. 

Consiglio (Mission Council) was held on the first day of August.  Our special guests at Consiglio were Elder and Sister Wing.  Elder Wing is our area  medical advisor and is a great support to our missionaries.

New missionaries arrived on August 6, 2014.  All arrived from the Provo MTC and there were twenty-one excited, but tired, missionaries ready to begin their service in Northern Italy.  They departed to their first city the following day, after meeting their missionary companion who will be their "trainer" for the next twelve weeks.  The new missionaries received another day of training from the Mission President and Sister Dibb, the Assistants to the President and Elder and Sister Harmer, who are the mission office couple assigned to look after the financial and permesso matters for the missionaries.

Seventeen departing missionaries arrived at the mission office in Milan on August 7th to have a final meal and testimony meeting together before returning to their homes on
August 8, 2014.

Sister Training Leaders at Consiglio with Elder and Sister Wing and President and Sister Dibb

Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders - August 1, 2014

Here come the new arrivals!

Bringing their luggage along

Talking with President while others wait for luggage

More coming in with office Anziani helping

A smile even though he is very tired

And one more with smiles

Meeting one of the Assistants

Some Sorelle among all the luggage

Glad to be in Italy

Luggage Line Up

Waiting for the others with lost luggage

Luggage to the bus!

Some more missionaries coming out from the gate

Out of the airport an on to the bus

First time outside in Italy

Love those Sorelle!

Arranging for picture in front of the bus

Candid shot

A great looking group of new missionaries - August 6, 2014

Hurrah for missionaries and Italy!

On the bus to Lampugnano Chapel

The other side of the bus

Don't fall asleep

Looking bright -eyed

Taking the luggage into the chapel

In the hallway

"Hello" from President Dibb and then off to 1st day activities

First day in the subway off to do some finding

Meeting and finding on the subway

Coming up out of the subway in Milano

Coming up out of the subway in Milano

Finding already

Still finding

And they found another interested person

And another!

And another!

Anziani and Sorella Dibb in front of the Milan Duomo

Meeting members from the United States in Milano

Meeting members from Milan on the subway

Now it is the Sorelle's turn for finding

Going down the steps to catch the train

Getting some pointers from the Assistant to the President

Looking for the right person

Found one!

Sorelle coming out of the subway


A couple of Sorelle in front of the Duomo

All of the Sorelle in front of the Duomo

Dinner that evening

Dinner that evening

The twenty-one new missionaries after dinner on their first day in Italy

Assistants training new missionaries

The new missionaries and trainers before the match up

New  companions

Still waiting 

No more waiting

Ready to get going!

A big hug for my new companion

A great looking companionship

Excited to get started together

With President and Sister Dibb

We love our missionaries!

Anziano back at the office calling and emailing the parents

A candid shot of the Anziani at the mission home after their departing dinner

The departing missionaries - August 7, 2014

We will miss them!

Some of the departing Sorelle

More of the Sorelle

And the rest of the Sorelle

The Sorelle all together

Our sweet Sorella from Albania leaving from the Malpensa Airport

First group of new missionaries and their trainers in Bologna at the New Missionary Training

Participation in training at Milano for new missionaries

Listening and taking notes

New missionary training from Brother Harmer

Second group of new missionaries and their trainers in Milano

III Nephi 5:13

Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

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