15 October, 2014

Questa e Quella (This and That)

This blog is just a smattering of happenings in the mission during September.  It entails everything from Consiglio and some baptisms in Milano to a special "pageant" about Joseph Smith that was presented in Verona.  Enjoy!

Zone Leaders - August 29, 2014

Consiglio (Mission Leadership Council) - August 29, 2014

Sister Training Leaders - August 29, 2014

Consiglio - October 2, 2014
 Exciting things happened in Milano the weekend of September 12th.  Each of the three Milano wards had a baptism on three consecutive days.  We are excited for these new members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Cimiano - September 12, 2014

Navigli - September 13, 2014

Lampugnano - September 14, 2014
 On September 27th President and Sister Dibb, Elder and Sister Harmer, the Assistants to the President and the Mission Secretary and Clerk had a wonderful spiritual experience traveling to, and hiking near, Torre Pelice.  In September of 1850 President (then Elder) Lorenzo Snow penned these words in his journal, "We ascended a very high mountain a little distance from La Tour, and having taken our position on a bold projecting rock, we sung praises to the God of heaven, and offered up ... prayer..."  The land of Italy was then dedicated by Elder Snow to establish the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy.  On November 10, 1966, a re-dedication prayer was offered by then apostle Ezra Taft Benson on this same mountain.  As we drove to Torre Pelice, we read the accounts of those dedications.  Near the top of Mount Brigham (as President Snow had named it), the Dedicatory Prayer originally given by President Snow was read in Italian by one of the Assistants to the President.

A fine looking group of Elders with President Dibb (Mount Brigham is the mountain behind the sign)

It was a beautiful day for hiking

Always doing service, we were also returning a wheelbarrow for a woman who lived up the trail

President Dibb, Elder and Sister Harmer, Elders in front of the rock outcropping (top left of center) and Mount Brigham.  The rock outcropping was called the Rock of Prophecy by Elder Snow.

The Elders climbed to the rock outcropping

A couple of Anziani standing on a rock outcropping close to where the original dedicatory prayer was given

Three of the Anziani holding our "Mission Ensign" with the beautiful Piedmont in the background
Saturday, September 6, 2014, President and Sister Dibb attended an amazing play depicting the life of Joseph Smith, the prophet, presented by the Verona wards.  This play included video clips with professional-sounding narration, singing, dancing and acting.  It was the second time this year they had presented the program and it was a great representation of the talents of the Verona members.  Many friends of other faiths attended the programs presented in places around the Verona Stake.

Elder Savoldi - Singer/Actor and Sister Savoldi - Pianist

The cast in period costume

The missionaries were the "mob" who attacked Joseph Smith

Square dancing was also included

An action shot of the musical conductor

Actress representing Lucy Mack Smith singing a lullaby to baby Joseph

The soloists combined to sing one of the musical numbers together

Soloist singing while actor depicts Joseph Smith studying the Bible

The Joseph Smith Family reunited
September was a month full of action around the Italy Milan Mission.  Missionaries are working with members and by their own efforts to bring souls unto Christ and teach of His restoration of His doctrine to the Earth.  We love serving the people of all faiths and all nations to bring the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet.  Heavenly Father is hastening His work and we are doing our best to keep pace!

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