12 December, 2014

Anziano and Sorella Fingerle Tour

November 18th through 24th, Elder Christian Fingerle and his wife, Sister Sibylle Fingerle, toured the Italy Milan Mission.  The tour began in Firenze and ended in Milano.  What a delightful and inspiring couple who are an example of teaching and serving our Father in Heaven.  We learned how to help others (without us touching technological devices) to learn about, receive comfort and share the joy of the doctrine of Christ, on the internet.  We also learned how to be more effective members of Ward and Branch Councils.  Elder and Sister Fingerle additionally taught us that incrementally improving our missionary work will help us to become more effective missionaries.  Our missionary efforts have benefited greatly already from their instruction.

On our way to the first meeting in Florence, we stopped to look over the city

Florence - learning about Ward/Branch Consiglio

More in Florence regarding Councils

A companionship of Anziani listening to the instruction in Florence

Missionaries feeling the spirit of Elder Fingerle's teachings

So many helpful ideas were shared!

A group of Anziani singing "Ye Who Are Called to Labor" at the meeting

About sixty missionaries attended in Firenze

President Dibb's instruction included a re-enactment of the story of Jericho

Missionaries writing about what they learned

The missionaries and ward member who helped with the luncheon with Sister Dibb and Sister Fingerle
The second day Elder and Sister Fingerle and President and Sister Dibb traveled by train to Verona where the another meeting of the tour was held.

There were about one hundred missionaries who attended in Verona

Sister Fingele instructing on how she helped a friend through the use of Mormon Messages

Again, Elder Fingerle with the "Ward Council"

The chorus and conductor in Verona

Another view of the chorus

President Dibb with the "army" marching around Jericho

Following the meeting in Verona, we traveled to Milano to meet more than one hundred missionaries in the western part of the mission.  

Elder Fingerle teaching about councils in Milano

Discussing what we can help with in Consiglios

One of our missionaries intently translating for other missionaries

Role plays using social media in finding

Choir in Milano

Side view of the choir and conductor

President Dibb teaching from the scriptures regarding obedience

Anziano and Sorella Fingerle at the mission home with President Dibb

Following the three days of training on the Mission Tour, Elder Fingerle met with the Mission Leadership Council.  We had great discussions on how to move the missionary work forward in the Italy Milan Mission.

Elder and Sister Fingerle with the Mission Leadership Council (Consiglio)

The Assistants to the President with Elder and Sister Fingerle and President and Sister Dibb
We of the Italy Milan Mission are so grateful to have spent time with Elder and Sister Fingerle to learn what our emphasis should be in the mission in the coming months.  We want to be effective instruments in the hands of the Lord.  Elder and Sister Fingerle certainly assisted us in becoming more effective in flooding the Earth with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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