17 July, 2015

Italy Milan Mission in the Digital Age

A great deal of organization and effort took place to prepare for the distribution iPads to the missionaries in the Italy Milan Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Careful planning was made to make sure that every missionary was able to prepare for, receive, and start up the iPads.  This was a huge undertaking.  President Dibb and his assistants were very busy discussing ways to wisely use these devices.  Our objective is to use these devices to fulfill our missionary purpose as described in Preach My Gospel.

The Office Anziani and a team of specialists for each zone were the main technical instructors for the "rolling out" of the iPads in the mission.

The "tech team" (one for each zone plus the office Anziani)
A Conseglio was held in which part of the training was designed to help the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders conduct a "distribution event" of the iPads. At the end of the training, the Zone Leaders were given the iPads for their zones and the iPads were distributed a few days later.

Sister Training Leaders - May 16, 2015

Mission Leadership Council - May 16, 2015

Zone Leaders and Assistants - May 16, 2015
We are learning to use the iPads to further the work of the Lord here in Italy Milan Mission.  We know that technology will help us to communicate and teach more efficiently and effectively as we follow the guidelines set forth by the missionary department.  Technology is a blessing in our lives to be used for good.  May mission use of the iPads be an aid in the prudent utilization of technology for the rest of our lives.

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