02 October, 2015

President Patrick Kearon Mission Tour

August 25, 2015, marked the arrival of President Patrick Kearon, Europe Area President and member of the First Quorum of Seventy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He came to the Italy Milan Mission for a three-day mission tour.  He began the tour in Modena where approximately 100 missionaries gathered to be instructed, edified and lifted to a higher plane of missionary service.  Then he went on to Milano where approximately 120 missionaries were gathered.  On August 28, 2015, the Mission Leadership Council (Consiglio) was held with Elder Kearon to formulate plans for improved missionary service for the balance of the year. We are so blessed to be serving as missionaries at this time and in this place.  May we continue to strive to become examples of the beautiful message of Christ and His Restored Gospel which we share.

Milan - August 27, 2015

Modena - August 26, 2015
Lunching in Modena

One of our great senior couples who organized the lunch.  Thank you!

Our pianist in Modena

Gathering at the Chapel in Modena

The Assistants to the President helped to make the tour run smoothly.

Picture of the entire group who attended at the Modena Chapel

President Kearon preparing a couple of missionaries for a "role play".

Then on to Milano - August 28, 2015

President Kearon and President Dibb "team" teaching 

Elder Kearon captivated our spiritual minds and hearts for several hours.

Some of our translators and their companions for the gathering in Milano

President Kearon sharing a "role play" with the Mission Leadership Council

President Kearon leading the discussion at Consiglio

We received much personal revelation for what the Lord would have us do to better our missionary service.  We particularly chose three areas to work on for the remainder of this year and, hopefully, form good habits for the remainder of our missions.  Missionaries decided to lead out in 1) attacking the day, 2) becoming the message and 3) accessing the power of the Spirit of the Lord in our work.  Love is the key for each of these and inviting ourselves and others to act is the catalyst to accomplish these objectives.  We thank President Kearon for his inspired teachings which will long be remembered in the Italy Milan Mission.

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