01 January, 2016

November Arrivals, and Departures

November brought many new missionaries to the Italy Milan Mission.  Two Senior Couples and fourteen young missionaries were in the arriving Class of November 2015.

Anziano and Sorella Salatino now serving in Milan

Anziano and Sorella Salatino with Presidente Dibb at the airport

Elder and Sister Larsen, now serving in Vicenza, came from Wyoming

Then we had four young missionaries come from the Spain MTC

Presidente e Sorella Dibb visiting with the 4 missionaries from the Spain MTC

We are excited to serve with these four missionaries from Europe!

The Assistants to the President are all smiles as well!

The two Sorelle from the Spain MTC spent a day with these two outstanding missionaries
The next day eight young missionaries came from the Provo MTC

It is always a joy to see these fresh, but tired, new faces

One Sorella from the Provo MTC and now three new Sorelle in all

Italy Milan Mission Class of November 2013

Giving a cheer for Italia

The Mission Secretary lending a hand

An Assistant to the President and the Mission Clerk

Inviting the missionaries to leave all the "drag" of the world behind

and become the best missionaries for the Savior that they can be

First thing on the agenda after arriving late is a light lunch

 on both sides of the table

After a couple hours of training, we had dinner at the mission home.

The next day the "trainers" came in and these are the three Sorelle who are training the new missionaries.

Some of the Anziani who are training the new missionaries -

President giving some instruction from the scriptures
The twelve missionaries were then matched up with their first companions and sent to their first cities of service.  What a great group of new missionaries and their first companions!

It is a "thumbs up."
Two Senior Couples and seven young missionaries departed from the mission as well.  Our Senior Couples do an amazing work among the missionaries and members. They also do much service in the communities where they live.

The Pederson Senior Couple served at Vicenza Military Base.

The Fry Senior Couple served in Ancona with Member/Leadership Support.

Italy Milan Mission Departing Class - November 12, 2015
A few weeks later the new missionaries and their companions returned to Milan  for a New Missionary Training.  
This new missionary is telling one good thing about his companion.

But we do not know if his companion believed it.

It was a great day of listening and learning -

with plans to apply the teachings -

to become master teachers who -

can cry repentance and bring people to baptism.

We love them all!
After the first Provo MTC group came, but before new missionary training, a couple of  other new missionaries entered the mission. 
We were glad they could come together

and see their first companions (foreground) at the airport.

Going through the airport to get into the cars.

The matchups were held at a restaurant

because we had time just to eat

and meet

and shake hands.

We took a picture outside of the restaurant

and went to the Mission Home for a tiny bit of training

and to take another picture.

President and Sister Dibb received a special gift.

Seeing transfer card and city with the "bigger picture" 

That's me - I'm a new missionary  too!
We are certainly glad that all missionaries arrived and returned "safe and sound."  What a great experience they are having already in a new environment, preaching repentance and baptizing into the restored Church of Jesus Christ on the earth today.

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