19 July, 2016

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every 
purpose under heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1
Here we are at the airport, anxiously awaiting our
very first batch of new missionaries.
It was like Christmas was in the air!

Here they come!!
Benvenuti alla missione di Milano!
Best "Christmas in July" ....ever!!
Bella Sorella!
Molto valige'
Sleepy eyes and beaming smiles!
Exactly what we expected.
Jet lag is serious business.  This is the next morning's training.
Still hours to go before they have been here
even 24 hours.
Anziano Osborne giving ipad training.
What a blessing these instruments are to missionary work.
We take group "A" to the Metro for our "first finding" 
experience on our way to the Duomo di' Milano.
We come out of the Metro...
...in awe of what we see!
Pictures can't do it justice.  
It is an amazing piece of Italian history.
Anziano Barragan showing our nuove Sorelle
how to talk to strangers.  Testimonies were borne.
Group "B" arrives to Duomo for their turn!
Their smiles are amazing!
Group "B" and Duomo!
Enjoying "missionary life".
They were eager to stand tall in their new missionary shoes.
A great "find" on the Metro.  There is something easy about sharing joy.
These Anziani are enjoying what they were sent to Italy to do.

The gospel is a blessing to all will would listen.
People really do want to hear from these great Anziani.
One final opportunity before we head down into the Metro.
Aren't they beautiful?  
Can't you see the light in their eyes?
A lovely dinner.
Gelato, of course!
New missionary training from the new mission president's wife.

Anziano Barragan trains as well.  
So much to learn and know!
This is exciting .... trainers take their place on the other
side of the room.  "Who is my companion?"
Anziano Brown to Cimiano!
Welcome Anziano!
Companion, Anziano Pyper.
Sorella Carter to Livorno!
Welcome Sorella Carter!
Companion, Sorella Johnson
Sorella Causse to Lugano!
|Welcome Sorella Causse!
Companion, Sorella Tolosa.
Sorella Clark to Ravenna!
Welcome Sorella Clark!
Companion, Sorella Lo Russo.
Sorella Cloward to Prato!
Welcome Sorella Cloward!
Companion, Sorella Arbon.
Sorella Huntzinger to Reggio Emilia!
Welcome, Sorella Huntzinger!
Companion, Sorella Garcia.
Anziano Jacobsen to Piacenza!
Welcome, Anziano Jacobsen!
Companion, Anziano Castronovo.
Anziano Johnson to Varese!
Welcome Anziano Johnson!
Companion, Anziano Gagnon.
Anziano Johnson to Forlì!
Welcome, Anziano Johnson!
Companion, Anziano Liu.
Sorella Marshall to Bergamo!
Welcome Sorella Marshall!
Companion, Sorella Goethals.
Sorella Meager to Rimini!
Welcome, Sorella Meager!
Companion, Sorella Drake.
Sorella Morgan to Varese!
Welcome, Sorella Morgan!
Companion, Sorella Bartsch.
Anziano Moss to Firenze!
Welcome, Anziano Moss!
Companion, Anziano Sanchez.
Sorella Rabirù to Genova!
Welcome, Sorella Rabirù!
Companion, Sorella Sharp.
Sorella Orr to Mestre!
Welcome, Sorella Orr!
Companion, Sorella Weidmann.
Sorella Spader to Piacenza!
Welcome, Sorella Spader!
Companion, Sorella Diciolla.
Sorella Tueller to Alessandria!
Welcome, Sorella Tueller!
Companion, Sorella Perkins.
Sorella Tullis to Brescia!
Welcome, Sorella Tullis!
Companion, Sorella Williams.
Anziano Wagstaff to Bergamo!
Welcome, Anziano Wagstaff!
Companion, Anziano Galli.
Sorella Wilson to Torino!
Welcome, Sorella Wilson!
Companion, Sorella Lau.
New beginnings!
We are anxious for all our new missionaries to
use their "greenie power" by faithfully bringing the gospel to the
people here in Italy.  
This is a very good group! 
Every beginning eventually comes with an ending.
We have a group of seasoned missionaries
who have worked hard, found success, and have completed their call.
 Their last mission dinner.
Colleghi forever.

I wish you could have all attended this final testimony meeting.
I wish you all could have heard them sing the mission hymn
together for their last time as missionaries.
They have gained so much personally and value every bit of it.

"Well done, thou good faithful servants!"
Each ending brings about another new beginning.
God speed.  God bless!

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