26 August, 2016

New Arrivals!

We have come -
To invite others to come unto Christ by helping
them receive the restored gospel through faith 
in Jesus Christ and His Atonement,
Through repentance, baptism, receiving the gift
of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

We are grateful for our wonderful new missionaries.
Please let us introduce them to you. 

 Anziano Jones with his trainer Anziano Gibb
They are serving in Savona

 Anziano Clayton with his trainer Anziano Barragan
They are serving in Alessandria

  Anziano Henderson with his trainer Anziano Thomas
They are serving in Collegno

   Sorella Springer with her trainer Sorella McHardy
They are serving in Collegno

   Anziano Garrett with his trainer Anziano Cabrera
They are serving in Vercelli

   Anziano Johnson with his trainer Anziano Brown
They are serving in Milano Lampugnano

   Sorella Roloff with her trainer Sorella Poletz
They are serving in Milano Lampugnano

   Anziano Korak with his trainer Anziano Smith
They are serving in Bressanone

   Anziano Dalton with his trainer Anziano Lilly
They are serving in Pavia

   Sorella Casalino with her trainer Sorella Rosano
They are serving in Pisa

   Sorella Carley with her trainer Sorella Harris
They are serving in Verona

   Anziano Whitlock with his trainer Anziano Bruggeman
They are serving in Bergamo

   Anziano Brown with his trainer Anziano Juhàsz
They are serving in Padova

   Anziano Minnoch with his trainer Anziano Hogan
They are serving in Bologna

   Anziano Keller with his trainer Anziano Lingardo
They are serving in Montevarchi

   Anziano Challis with his trainer Anziano Buckles
They are serving in Udine

Their first real meal in Italy.  We served them
a traditional Italian dinner.  They were
wonderful guests!
Thank you for coming to the Italy Milan Mission!


  1. It always so fun as a mom to see photos of our missionaries serving over there. Thank you, Mother Dalton.

    1. It's nice (even if sometimes with a bit of nostalgy) to see the photos of the missionsries you have met....some of them are really special! It's a pity when they have to go away. It's beautiful how you feel accepted by them even if you aren't a mormon member but an attending girl at the English class. How strong they are...the decision of being missionaries. Learn a new languae (some of them are really really great at Italian), far from home, limited contacts, transfers... I like their happiness and gentelness. Some of them are are also funny, talktive and talented....I had moments of laughs and pleasant memories. It is and it was nice not only being at the English class but all the things that go beyond it like talking with the missionaries or sometimes invite them at home. Their invites in being part of many church events even if you aren't mormon. I like the way they show you the church without pretend and insist in becaming a mormon. They talk, pray, read the book of mormon,show you videos and they are there to answer any questions you may have but they don't insist and aren't rude if you say no I don't want to convert or I'm only curious about this and that of the church or about the missiinary work. Thank you to all the missionaries in particular the ones who served and are serving in Ravenna. I won't forget the ones I've met.