19 November, 2016

New Missionaries November 16, 2016

We welcome a new group of wonderful missionaries!
To their parents - thank you for sharing your son or daughter
with the people of Italy.  
We will take good care of them.

"Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, 
see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, 
that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day."
D&C 4:2

 Sorella Weeks - Companion Sorella Tullis
Serving in Brescia

 Sorella Hoffman - Companion Sorella Fife (ill)
Serving in Alessandria

 Sorella Hurst - Companion Sorella Zombra
Serving in Montevarchi

Sorella Vanderkooi - Companion Sorella Perkins
Serving in Prato

 Sorella Arkell - Companion Sorella Casalingo
Serving in Pisa

 Sorella Lewis - Companion Sorella LoRusso
Serving in Livorno

 Sorella Blandford - Companion Sorella Meager
Serving in Rimini

 Sorella Hoareau - Companion Sorella Poletz
Serving in Torino

 Sorella Montgomery - Companion Sorella Huntzinger
Serving in Reggio Emelia

Sorella Weaver - Companion Sorella Tueller
Serving in Vicenza

 Sorella Rindlisbacher - Companion Sorella Springer
Serving in Collegno

 Anziano Workman - Companion Annziano Carnahan
Serving in Brescia

 Anziano Blom - Companion Anziano Brooks
Serving in Genova

 Anziano Jackson - Companion Anziano Johnson
Serving in Lampugnano

 Anziano Wood - Companion Anziano McIver
Serving in Verese

 Anziano Walker - Companion Anziano Jensen
Serving in Busto Arsizio

 Anziano Farr - Companion Anziano Frekleton
Serving in Ravenna

 Anziano Hendry - Companion Anziano Juhasz
Serving in Modena

 Anziano Bowden - Companion Anziano Wagstaff
Serving in Bergamo

 Anziano Douglas - Companion Anziano Benge
Serving in Pordenone

 Anziano Baker - Companion Anziano Tilton
Serving in Reggio Emilia

 Anziano Nogues - Companion Anziano Osborne
Serving in Trieste

 Anziano Austin - Companion Anziano Kim
Serving in Padova

Anziano Norton - Companion Anziano Minnoch
Serving in Bologna

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