28 March, 2017

Benvenuti - Ci vediamo!

We are very happy to welcome
*Elder and Sister Okimoto*

They are serving in Vicenza.
They are excited to be here.
We are grateful they have come.

The time has come to say goodby to
*Elder and Sister Larsen*
Your service in Vicenza has been greatly appreciated.

We wish you the best of heaven's blessings
and a wonderful reunion with your family 
when you return home.
Thank you for your  hard work and dedication. 
Ci vediamo!

To all who read this blog -  

We are so very grateful for our senior couples.
They choose to put aside their personal lives
(including precious grandchildren)
to serve God and fulfill temple covenants.
They are sorely needed
and bless the lives of all they associate with.
Consider adding a mission plan for your future.
You will never regret this season of service.

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