13 May, 2017

New District Leaders - May 2017

"Because district leaders can be close to the other missionaries 
and can interact with them frequently,
they fulfill a fundamental role in the success 
of the mission and of the missionaries."
~Mission President's Handbook~

Our newest District leaders.
L-R  Anziani 
Henderson, Tingey, Douglas, Farr, Peterson, Farnsworth, Dalton

This is an assignment of responsibility. 
On a personal note, it is my favorite assignment in the mission.
These great missionaries are expected to prepare weekly for an inspirational meeting and
meet the many needs of their district.  They also conduct interviews with investigators.
They strengthen the foundation of the mission 
in a very significant way as they maintain dignity in the Lord's work.
Moms and Dads - You've raised great men.
Thank you!

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