20 June, 2017

New Missionaries Arrive - June

We welcome our new missionaries.
(This is the first time the Sorelle outnumber the Anziani.)
We look forward to working with these willing
servants of the Lord.
"Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God
ye are called to the work."
D&C 4:3

We are grateful for the desires that have brought you to the 
Italy Milan Mission.

Excerpts from the first day:
The airport

On our way to D'uomo di Milano
Finding and teaching as we go...

The day ends at the mission home for dinner.
Our oven is "on the blink".
Thank goodness for pizza!

Day two - First companion, first area.

 Welcome Sorella Pope
Trainer - Sorella Blandford
Serving in Brescia

 Welcome Sorella Button
Trainer - Sorella Lewis
Serving in San Remo

 Welcome Sorella Bowthorpe
Trainer - Sorella Morgan
Serving in Lampugnano, Milan

 Welcome Anziano Gillett
Trainer - Anziano Aglaure
Serving in Cimiano, Milan

 Welcome Anziano Wright
Trainer - Anziano Simcox
Serving in Merate

 Welcome Sorella Knight
Trainer - Sorella Causse
Serving in Reggio Emilia

 Welcome Sorella Riley
Trainer - Sorella Orr
Serving in Forli

 Welcome Anziano Davidson
Trainer - Anziano Cuthbert
Serving in Torino

 Welcome Anziano Carter
Trainer - Anziano Blom
Serving in Torino

Welcome to you all!

We move forward from our desires to striving.
Striving to do our best to be our best - 
to be Disciples of Jesus Christ.
This is His time - not ours.
We must never forget.

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