28 July, 2017

A Unique Opportunity

The opportunity to serve as an Assistant
comes only to a few
though many are capable of the task.
These are all the assistants that have served the Milano missionaries with
President Allen and were called by him during our first year.
Two - our trainers - Anziani Pesce and Barragan - were already serving
when we arrived.  They helped us "learn the ropes'.
We give our greatest appreciation to each of you.
Thank you for working diligently on behalf or this mission.
We were also spoiled.
We love you all!

In order of current to previous:
Anziani: Keller, DaPonte, Brooks, Pyper, Santoro.
We cannot adequately express our gratitude, 
but you did not come to serve us,
you came to serve the Lord.
Well done.

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