24 September, 2017

Christmas Package Directions

Christmas is coming!
This is a wonderful and sentimental time of year.
We know you are anxious to let your missionary know
how much you love them.

You might appreciate some specific information:

First - ship mail or packages only to the mission office

(Missionary's name)
Via Antonio Gramsci, 13
20090 Opera (MI)

All mail and packages will be shuttled to your missionary
during our regular rotations of interviews or zone conferences 
via the mission president's sleigh.
This means it is important for you to plan your gifts to arrive
which gives us a couple rounds in December to assure
your missionary will receive what you send.

Second - consider using 
Amazon.it or Amazon.co.UK
for mailing packages.
The advantage with this is cost to your missionary.
When you mail a package from the U.S. there is a fee charged
to the person receiving it.  
If you choose to mail something from home declare a 
 "modest" estimation of it's value.  If you make something special,
declare the value of the materials, not the value of the finished item.
Missionaries have been charged upwards to 100 Euros,
depending on listed values. 

Sometimes parents will send packages with pictures of Jesus
on the outside.  The idea is that it will prevent someone from
looking through the contents.  There is nothing that
indicates this is effective or needful.  Up to you.

Mark the contents inside with
"Do not open until Christmas"
to ensure your missionary will save it for the "big day".

Third - What to send....
They like candy.  We have lots here but perhaps there is something
particular that isn't available in Italy.
Jerky is popular,
also peanut butter and Cliff Bars.
Stick deodorant isn't common here so that is good if needed.
The Sorelle might also like fleece tights.  It gets very chilly here.
They all like to shop so money on their personal card is 
always appreciated.
Your missionary might want to buy something particular 
so a boost to the card is helpful.  
One thing you do not need to send is ties and scarves.
They seem to have access to plenty at great prices.

it is always nice if you send something that can be 
shared with the companion.
We are planning on a gift for each missionary to ensure all will have
a lovely Christmas.

We hope our missionaries will be able to focus
on the true meaning of the holiday
and make it a "holy" day.
Jesus Christ was born in a simple stable with a manger of straw for his bed.
Serving the people in Italy as a missionary
is what He would have them do,
and they are doing it very well.
Thank you for the love and encouragement you give to them.

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