19 October, 2017

Many Hands Make Light Work

A "going away" breakfast for
Anziano Da Ponte and Anziano Wilson.
In just a few hours our new missionaries will arrive.
We couldn't do the upcoming task without the help of
all you see in this picture.
Each person has important specific responsibilities that are vital
to receiving, training, legalizing, matching, transporting
and making your new missionary feel 
not just welcomed,but loved.  
Which, indeed, they are.

Anziano Da Ponte - Outgoing Assistant to the President (Thank you!)
Anziano Wilson - Outgoing Mission Secretary (Thank you!)
Anziano Kewene-Hite - Mission Clerk (Ipads, Cars, Newsletter)
Anziano Keller - Assistant to the President (Missionary Training, Consulting)
Anziano Griffiths - Mission Finances, Apartments, Food)
Sorella Griffiths - Missionary Permesso, Apartments, Food)
Anziano Sanchez - Mission Secretary (Travel, telephones, Transfer Schedule)
Anziano Brown - Assistant to the President (Missionary Training, Consulting)

Awaiting the New Missionaries

Anziano Keller - Anziano Brown
Current Assistants to the President

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