11 October, 2017

New Missionary Training Oct 2017

Every six weeks we bring the new missionaries
back in to retrain.  
We share what we feel is important about
the culture of our mission,
make certain they understand guidelines
and ask them if they have questions.
 We also share a very touching video presentation
on the Atonement of Jesus Christ 
that has been set to the words of
Henry B. Eyring and Jeffrey R. Holland.

We are reminded of 
we each chose to serve missions.

We have courage, love, obedience, smiles and
testimonies of Jesus Christ as our Savior.
We have each been called to serve.
We are ready.

We are taking this picture from a different angle
to accommodate train schedules.
Wonderful missionaries who are adjusting to missionary life
and doing remarkably well with the language.
We are grateful to have them.

A couple of candid moments...

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