25 November, 2017

Benvenuto Presidente Mossimo Botta!

Exciting news!
Presidente Massimo Botta has accepted the call 
and been set apart
to serve as a counselor to President Allen in
the Italy Milan Mission.

Presidente Botta was recently released as 
President of the Verona Italy Stake
and we are looking forward to having his expertise
added to the strength of this mission.

President Botta is a Family Counselor
and a carpenter of fine furniture.
He and his wife are parents of five children
and live in the Bergamo area.

Sorella Botta is currently assisting with housing contracts
for our missionaries and will continue in that effort.  
She is an institute teacher 
and, we have recently discovered, a very fine cook
and talented in embroidery handiwork.

We are indeed blessed
and will enjoy serving with them.


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