11 December, 2017

Missionary Couple's Seminar

We recently enjoyed our annual Missionary Couple's Seminar in Milan.
Our days were full and our association so very enjoyable.
Our couples are spread far and wide in the mission
to better meet the needs of our young missionaries 
who are also spread far and wide.
They are invaluable to us, the missionaries and the wards/branches
in which they serve.
Their assignments range from military support,
local membership support, Young Single Adults, Pathway
and beyond.  
They feed many ... VERY many ... and do all they do with a
dedication and generosity that speaks well for each of them.
They mean a lot to those they serve.
We include ourselves in the list of lucky recipients and want to say
"Grazie mille"!

The first day begins with a lunch of Minestrone Soup and garlic bread
Prepared by the Griffiths, our office couple.

Then ... off to Duomo ... via the metro!

In line to take the lift up to the rooftop.
It's a lovely day.

Picture taking opportunities are literally everywhere!

I call the rooftop the "Milano Beach" because on a wintry sunny day
it is warm and toasty.

Now - on the the Duomo interior
with it's underground remnants of previous churches.

Duomo proper was amazing.
We see why it took over 400 years to build.

Statue of Leonardo DaVinci across from La Scala Opera House

2,000+ Euro purses in the Galleria

 Day ends with diner at the mission home
and devotional.
We are feeling blessed!

Day two begins...
with RHO Fiera
It is hard to explain the immensity of the fair and the many
buildings filled with crafts and foods from all over the world.
We split up to see what we each wanted to see and then met at the
determined time and place with our packages in hand.
What an adventure!

On to Como and a ride up the Funicolare to see the vista of this
beautiful place.

Internet samples of what we saw.  
Projected lights on the buildings.

On our way home.

Final dinner - pizza, of course!
All great occasions in Italy need pizza.

Dear Missionary Couples serving in the Italy Milan Mission...
we hope you know you are loved and appreciated,
because you are.
Grazie mille!

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