22 March, 2018

Zone Conferences - March 2018

Sometimes it is time...

time to remember WHY...

why the Book of Mormon is so very important
to the work we are trying to accomplish here
in the Italy Milan Mission. 

Without the Book of Mormon
we are just another religion
with an incredible story
that is no longer credible.

WITH the Book of Mormon
we can boldly walk into the world
and help others also hold truth
in their own hands.

WITH the Book of Mormon
comes the Spirit of the Holy Ghost
who teaches each willing reader
directly from heaven to heart.

WITH the Book of Mormon
we can prepare others
to enter in the 
"straight and narrow way"

And be baptized.

That is our goal.
The Book of Mormon
and the Spirit of the Holy Ghost
are our tools.

Meet our zones.

 Toscana Zone

 Rimini Zone

Bologna Zone

 Verona Zone

 Genova Zone

 Torino Zone

 Milano Ovest Zone

Milano Est Zone

Venezia Zone

Zone Conference Topics

Presidente - Conferences are important to gather and edify.
Teach simply, teach well.
Principles of obedience.  Keep music appropriate.
Elevate language usage. Keep relationships with fellow missionaries
appropriate.  Do not take cell phones into the bathroom. 
Leaving our nets behind to serve.

Zone Leaders - Utilize the Book of Mormon in all our teaching.
There is power in the book.  Hold it.  Study it.  Use it.
Testify of it.

Sister Trainer Leaders - The First Vision is important.
Always teach it in a reverent, sacred way, from your  heart.

Assistants - In what way can we use the Book of Mormon.
How can we be personally blessed by it's contents.
Presentation of our current statistics of finding, teaching and baptizing.

Sister Allen - Presentation of our mission scripture
D&C 18:44  "And by YOUR hands I WILL work a marvelous
work and a wonder..."
We are His hands as we find, teach, baptize.
Be clean, productive, diligent.

We were also blessed with lovely musical numbers as well as
spiritual thoughts by our great missionaries.

This was a conference to remember.
First, because it was inspirational, and
second, because we MUST remember what we have learned.  
Our goal is to baptize.  
To bring others "into the fold" of Jesus Christ,
of Him whom we testify by the power of
the Book of Mormon,


Conference was wonderful.
Your sons and daughters are wonderful.

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