06 April, 2018

Outgoing Missionaries - April 2018

The challenging "bookend" 
to every transfer week is saying "goodbye"
to our great missionaries we have loved and enjoyed
serving in the Milan Mission with.
A wonderful group of ten Sorelle and one Anziano
match our incoming group,
but we never replace...
we just move forward with a new and dedicated crew.
Thank you, thank you carissimi!

 Front two rows:  Sorelle Hoareau, Weeks, Vanderkooi, Hoffman, (Sorella and President Allen)
Anziano Alder
Back two rows:  Sorelle Hurst, Weaver, Blandford, Montgomery, Arkell, and Lewis

 Sorelle Lewis, Montgomery, Arkell, Hoareau, Anziano Alder, Sorella Allen, President Allen,
Sorelle Hurst, Blandford, Weaver, Weeks, Hoffman, Vanderkooi

Ci vediamo!
Please, stay in touch!

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