02 June, 2018

Goodbye - Halls and Visa-waiters

We have busily kept up with the "revolving door" of a mission.

(We do enjoy the "Arrival" gate much more than "Departures")
We say farewell to two wonderful Italian Sorelle who have been
called to serve in USA.
They worked with us while visas were finalized
and our mission was blessed to have them.
They are going to be amazing and
they are very anxious to be to their assigned missions.

Sorella Ranieri - Washington DC Visitor's Center
Sorella Battezzato - Temple Square Visitor's Center

They will do a wonderful work
as they fulfill missions for Jesus Christ.
We will miss their smiles, energy and dedication.
(We would have gladly kept them.)

Time passes all to quickly on the mission calendar.

Anziano and Sorella Hall have served faithfully
in Genova as Senior Couple Missionaries.
They have moved washing machines up stairs,
cleaned apartments, cooked, nursed sick missionaries,
made emergency runs, cooked, taught, served, cooked,
loved, laughed, cried and cooked some more.

What will we ever do without them?
We are going to find out like it or not.

Thank you for blessing the lives of all who have
crossed your path.

You are returning with honor.
It has been OUR honor to serve with you both!
Ci vediamo!

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