14 June, 2018

Zone Conferences - June 2018

We are blessed!
Every one of us!
We serve in a wonderful country
with amazing people
as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ
with all who will hear.

But - it is hard work.  
Rejections try to chip away at our confidence,
energy and testimony.
Zone Conferences give us pause to regroup (literally and figuratively),
learn, and regain our commitment to give our all.
This is HIS work.  This is HIS gospel.  We are HIS disciples.

We begin with pictures of the Zones.
Recap of the meetings will follow.

June 5th
~Genova Zone~ 
Anziani - Jackson, Dalton (ZL), Simkins (ZL), Elwood, Ariante, Minnoch, (Presidente Allen) Moss, Bowden, Ochs, Favro, Abplanalp, Michellini
Sorelle - Simpson, Reeder, Dent, Johnson, (Sorella Allen) Mitchell (STL), Bowthorpe (STL), Michelline

~Torino Zone~
Anziani - Griffiths, Austin, Johnson, Gleave (ZL), Aglaure, (Presidente Allen) Moody, Fisher, McCuen (ZL), Dixon, Shill, Hepner
Sorelle - Griffiths, Spencer, (Sorella Allen) McConkie, Graver

June 6th
 ~Milano Ovest Zone~
Anziani - Montalto, Dalton, Christensen (ZL), Workman (ZL), Llerena, Tumblin, (Presidente Allen) Young, Heidemanm, Giles, Henderson, Traeden McKinstry, Russo
Sorelle - Button, Mason, Petersen, Pearson, Boome, Roterer, (Sorella Allen) Parker, Stolk, Henderson, (STL) Dawson (STL), Russo

~Milano Est Zone~
Anziani - Crowther, Welch, Cako, Jones, Castillejos, Johnson (ZL), Whitlock, (Presidente Allen) Korak, Leavitt, Cutrignelli, Cedeno, Melchin, Paskett, Laudert (ZL)
Sorelle - Cafagno, Delle Foglie, Trevor, (Sorella Allen) Button, Nelson, Pacheco

June 7th
~Verona Zone~
Anziani - Kewene-Hite, Tingey, Eliott, Baker (ZL), Rogers, Beaujeu, (Presidente Allen) Wilson, Moss, O'Riordan, Wright, Miller, Ewell
Sorelle - DeAngelis, Pope, (STL) Evans (STL), (Sorella Allen) Flores, Ashcroft, Nelson, Riley, Merl

June 8th
~Venezia Zone~
Anziani - Okimoto, Nordgran, Kjar (ZL), Haws (ZL), Garner, Wood, (Presidente Allen) Larsen, Johnson, Challis, Petersen, Rappleye, Hatt, Keefer, Garofalo
Sorelle - Okimoto, Sharp, Ewing, Evans (STL), Pope (STL), (Sorella Allen) Mays, Henson, Tafur, Bodily, Keefer

June 12th
 ~Bologna Zone~
Sorelle - Larson, Miller, Stanton, Walker, Frandsen, Stepherson, Berrey (STL), Santoro (STL), (Sorella Allen)
Anziani - Harrison, Cuthbert, (Presidente Allen) Davidson, Ruis, Bona, Sanchez (ZL) Torres, Tenney, Ruger, Douglas (ZL) Schow, Thomas

~Rimini Zone~
Anziani - Halterman, Garrett, Walks, Mcewen, Van Natta, Gomez, Goold (ZL), (Presidente Allen) Blom, Hendry (ZL), Lombardi, Hakanson, Russbuelt
Sorelle - (Sorella Allen) Ringo, Haisman, Williams, Anderson

June 13th
~Toscana Zone~
Anziani - Shumaker, Odeh, Walker, Rios, Burkert, Davey, Stratton (ZL), Gilette (ZL), (Presidente Allen) Keller, Wilson, Clayton, Eusebi, Nogues, Christensen, Marte

After wonderful introductions of missionaries new to each zone, 
we enjoyed spiritual thoughts and a zone report.  

~Time with Presidente Allen~
Enos - through a wrestling prayer of faith his sins were forgiven him.
He then wanted to share his "good news" with the Lamanites.
Enos prayed for the preservation of the records.

I am 100% in favor of following the guidelines in the Missionary Handbook.
I love you.  You came to be missionaries. You know what is expected. 
Never disappoint yourselves.

Five things to do from last ZC:
1-Daily planned proselyting for an hour minimum every day.
2-Members present at every lesson.
3-Take part in service.
4-Ask people to read The Book of Mormon "5 minutes for 5 days"
5-Plan time to call potentials every day.

Three new things to do:
1-Compliment your companion every day.
2-Serve your companion frequently.
3-Discover the blessing of 10 extra minutes of working hard every day.

~STL Training~
How can we know we are successful missionaries?
When we are prepared, we serve with all our hearts and strength.
Committed.  A mission becomes your life.
You feel the Spirit work through you.
Formula - Me + More = Christlike?
Me + Christ = More

~ZL Training~
What is the "how and why" of District Meetings?
We meet together to help:
Each missionary become a better missionary,
know how to help our investigators,
become unified in our efforts,
receive revelation and leave inspired.


~AP Training~
Review the Four Safeguards to online proselyting.
Do mobile device checks weekly.
We are here to protect each other and learn how to manage
our internet capabilities.

~Sorella Allen Training~
How did David find the courage to fight Goliath?
We answered this question in the verses previous to the battle.
As we wrote them down we found we have the same abilities that David had
... with the same God on our side.
We can win our battles through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

~Presidente Allen~
Closing remarks ... video of a man vacuuming without his hose connected.
We are working hard... trying to do our best... do we have our efforts
connected to our power source? 

~Testimonies of "Twinkling Missionaries"~

Mission hymn and prayer.

It was an inspiring conference!
Here are some pictures ... never enough I know ... Of some random moments.

He won.

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